About A&T

Ann Szalda-Petree is a comedic genius and also regular genius too. She reads incessantly and as a result knows very little about a billion things.  She loves her guitar but doesn’t want to marry it, as she is already married.  She is consistently late but no one has the nerve to call her on it because, as a therapist, she will know what that means.  She is also a winner.


Teresa (T-Dawg) Waldorf

Teresa Waldorf is a passing comedic genius with a regular interest in other people.  She is statuesque and often mistaken for “30 something”.  Her hands are very cold because she is made to stand by the window in the studio.  She loves her dogs and does want to marry them, but her husband says “no.” She can harmonize with the best of them,  Ann being the best of them.  She is bossy and thinks that is better than being a winner.


Clark (That Kid) Grant

Clark Grant had the technical skills that included running the board, plugging in stuff, answering the on-air phone, and hitting the “7 second delay” button.  Clark could be bought off with toasters, Costco-sized dried cherries, and smoked salmon.  He could also forecast the weather.  He sometimes sang along with the sing-along and usually played along with the play-along.  He always showed up, and never left early.  Until he left for a better offer in Butte with the Butte America Foundation and KBMF.  We wish him all the best luck, and will miss him very much.


About the Show:

The Ann and Teresa and Ann Show is first of all a show; secondly it features at least two women: Ann and Teresa.  The format is comedic-talk show with regular and periodically, irregular singing.

People who are funny and interesting are often invited to be guests.  Isn’t that interesting?!

The show is mostly about love, kids, pets, food, music, and stories: our own and Montana’s.  Regular segments are over-rated but we have tried the following things more than once: Nuggers, original music, Other Lies by People We Know, Inviting Ben, Stephanie is a Drunk and a Liar, Payola Doesn’t Pay:  Non-profit, Non-payola Fundraiser Pipeline, Speaking as Your Life Coach, and other tomfoolery and shenanigans.  Everyone is always welcome.